$1 Per Pixel
10px x 10px Blocks
$100 Per Block
Ads Last Forever!*
9,442 Blocks Available
(944,200 Pixels)

First, Purchase PixelAds

Due to the rapidly fluctuating value of bitcoin,
please email us before sending any bitcoin payments.

Gridcoin and Dogecoin options also available.

Buying Larger Ads

If you want to buy a larger ad made of multiple blocks, purchase the total number of blocks your ad will cover.

For example, if you wanted to buy a 20px by 20px ad, you would buy 4 blocks and then send me the info for your one larger ad.

There is no limit to how large an ad can be, however if your ad needs more than 10 blocks, please email us before you purchase any blocks.

Then, Send Us Your Ad Information

← One 10 x 10 Block of Pixels

After you send your payment,
you'll need to email us the following:

  1. Your Paypal Email Address
    I cannot look up payments via transaction IDs, only the email address your payment was sent from.
  2. Your PixelAd Image
    10 pixels by 10 pixels; Images with transparent backgrounds will be placed on a solid color background, unless you specifically request to preserve transparency. You can also supply a hexadecimal color code instead and I can make your square solid color.
  3. The full URL you want to link to
    Including http:// or https://
  4. The 'tooltip' text you want to display
    64 characters maximum.
  5. The block number(s) on the pixel grid you want
    Hover over the grid to see block numbers,
    If omitted, we will pick a random number.

Once we receive this info, your ad will be posted within a day.